UK audiences have an opportunity to meet Korean writers. London, April 2014.

Cultural Programme

The 2014 Market Focus Cultural Programme, curated in partnership with the British Council, will bring the best in contemporary Korean writing and publishing to the UK, giving UK audiences a rare opportunity to meet and interact with Korean writers

  • Adapting and Adopting: From Page to Screen

    Thursday10:00 – 11:0010 Apr 2014

    Whitehall room, EC2

    In the UK as in Korea, cinematic adaptations of novels are as popular as ever. We explore the process of adaptation – online comics to films, books to films,…

  • Allegory and the Literary Imagination

    Wednesday13:00 – 14:0009 Apr 2014

    Whitehall room, EC2

    How do myth, allegory and fable illustrate history and society? Join us to explore the role of fables in fiction in response to social injustice, ideology and…

  • Families, Relationships and Society

    Tuesday11:30 – 12:3008 Apr 2014

    Whitehall room, EC2

    The shock of modernity has had a profound effect on Korean society, families and the relationships of its people. We explore how literature has responded to…

    Kyung-sook Shin, Author, Self-employed
    Kang Han, Professor , Seoul Institute of the Arts
    Kerry Hudson, Author, Self-employed
    Rachel Holmes , Author, Self-employed
  • Illusions and Reality: Writing the Self

    Tuesday14:30 – 15:3008 Apr 2014

    Whitehall room, EC2

    How does language contend with the fissure between reality and ideal? And how have the rapidly changing social landscapes in the UK and Korea affected our…

    Seung-U Lee, Author, Self-employed
    Hyesoon Kim, Author, Self-employed
    Helen Ivory, Poet and Artist, Self-employed
    Michael Hulse, Poet and Translator. Teacher, University of Warwick
  • Writing Home: Migrant Literature

    Wednesday10:00 – 11:0009 Apr 2014

    Whitehall room, EC2

    How does national and personal identity endure in foreign and faraway lands? We examine Korea’s relationship with the rest of the world through literary…

    Young-ha Kim, Author, Self-employed
    Insuk Kim , Author, Self-employed
    Xiaolu Guo, Author, Self-employed
    Ellah Allfrey , Independent Editor and Critic, Self-employed
  • Writing Literature after History

    Wednesday14:30 – 15:3009 Apr 2014

    Whitehall room, EC2

    What is the role of the writer in Korean society – can history be adequately represented in fiction, and what challenges do writers face, creative and…


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