Book review: Chinese Hoardes and Human Waves – Brigadier Brian Parritt CBE

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Brigadier Brian Parritt  CBE recently when he gave a fascinating talk on his personal experiences as a young gunner officer during the Korean war. Laced with humanity and humour his tales of the realities of conflict were a sobering reminder of the price of war. The book itself is a magnificent achievement, combining gripping personal tales, strategic analyses  and exposes of military errors and  a great and unexpected revelation of  his consequent life involvement in the complexities and nuances of military intelligence.
Watch an interview with Brig. Parritt  on the Korean War and his book here .

Rightly lauded by reviewers, it is available to buy here ( 20% off)

wpid-DSC_1606.jpg wpid-IMG_20140331_182506.jpg wpid-DSC_1608.jpg

The author as a young man. Remarkably ,as Brig Parritt asked me to say, he has barely aged at all.

Also by Brig. Parritt ,available to buy here for Kindle.

A great man .


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