Are we there yet?   Not far now

What is love? answer here

How can I foil lip-readers? Stick a post-it note under your nose.

How can I be happy? answer here

Can I eat this blog? No. This blog is not currently suitable for ingestion.

What makes something right or wrong? answer here

How can I give my mobility scooter that exciting Mario Kart look ? Attach a string of bananas behind your vehicle.

What is the meaning of life? answer here

If Kim Jong Un was a biscuit what would he be? A sociopathic custard cream (probably).

How do we know what is true? answer here

I’ve lost my remote control. Sorry, that is not a question.

Where is my remote control? It has most likely fallen down the side of the settee.

What should we think about death? answer here

Are you as lovely in real life as you look in your blog profile pics? Yes I am.

How can I lose weight? Set up a calorie deficit over a suitably long period of time. However , you may not need to lose weight.

Will Scunthorpe and Pohang really be twinned? Very unlikely.

Why is the sky blue? answer here

Will you marry me? Probably, yes. Message me.



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